The FAITH toolbox

The FAITH toolbox

Today’s topic ‘faith toolbox

The title was inspired by a message from one of our church brothers.  His quote “If you don’t use the tools God has given you, they will rust”

I began to think about the natural tool box we might have in our home, but what about the spiritual tool box?

In the natural toolbox we have standard tools; we may have a hammer, nails, screw driver, tape measure or a spanner. These are necessary tools and each tool serves a particular purpose.  The good thing about a toolbox is that we can add to it daily or as required when we come across a new task.


What is in your spiritual toolbox? What is your Go-To Tool?

It may be a prayer, an inspired message or teachings.  A favourite song or a scripture you read or sing when feeling happy or sad.  Maybe it’s an early morning walk or meditation.  We might read a book, call a friend; go to the gym or other activities.  Whatever it is, each tool will serve a purpose at a certain time in our life.

We can also add to our spiritual toolbox daily.  Each week I will take a tool or add a tool to the spiritual toolbox.

What is your need today?

Could the answer be in your spiritual toolbox?

I will look at another inspired topic and add to the tool box. You might want to share what you have in your spiritual toolbox that you have found useful.

Have a blessed week